Stockholder and Investor Litigation: Securities & Derivative Actions

Our partners have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for investors.

We represent individuals and institutions in a broad range of stockholder and investor litigation.  Our attorneys have thorough experience investigating corporations and management for possible violations of federal securities laws.  Where appropriate, we represent stockholders bringing derivative actions on behalf of a company to hold current or former directors and officers accountable for breaches of duties to the company that affect stockholder value.  We represent investors in litigation to gain access to corporate books and records, election disputes, proxy fights, and appraisal actions.  We have extensive experience litigating before the Delaware Supreme Court and the Delaware Court of Chancery.   We have unique experience litigating disputes involving publicly-traded limited partnerships, including Master Limited Partnerships.


Consumer Class Actions

We investigate and prosecute claims to protect consumers.

Our attorneys investigate and prosecute consumer class actions and other matters to protect consumers.  Our past successes include class actions arising out of consumer loyalty programs, privacy litigation arising out of data breaches, and litigation arising out of defective coin-counting machines.  We investigate numerous types of consumer claims, including claims under the Telecommunications Privacy Act (“TCPA”), claims for product defects, claims for violation of the federal Fair Credit and Reporting Act, and claims for false and misleading product labels.


Bankruptcy and Insolvency-related Litigation

We represent post-confirmation trustees, creditors and investors.

We have developed a strong practice representing plaintiffs in bankruptcy-related litigation.  We are often called upon by post-confirmation trustees to investigate and prosecute claims for breach of fiduciary duty against former directors and officers of the debtor.  We have also represented post-confirmation trustees in commercial litigation to collect and monetize assets for distribution to creditors. As part of our bankruptcy-related practice, we review and analyze “director and officer” insurance policies, negotiate aggressively with carriers and, week to resolve disputes through mediation.  We also represent large creditors seeking to protect their rights in the bankruptcy proceedings themselves.


General Commercial Litigation

We advise, counsel, negotiate and litigate.

We handle both plaintiff and defendant work encompassing all aspects of commercial litigation. We have extensive experience litigating in the New York courts, as well as in federal courts across the country. Our areas of focus include litigation concerning commercial contracts and personal service contracts, shareholder disputes, banking transactions, and fraudulent conveyance actions. We also handle cases involving insurance disputes including contesting insurance valuations and coverage refusals.