August 1, 2016. Bragar Eagel & Squire, P.C., announce that R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. has commenced the renewed Camel Cash Settlement Offer beginning on August 1, 2016, and continuing through January 31, 2016. Pursuant to the Order Granting Final Approval of the Claass Action Settlement in Sateriale v. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., Case No. 09-08394, United States District Court of the Central District of California, all mmebers of the class may participate in the Settlement Offer pursuant to the terms of the Settlement. The class is defined as “all persons in California who, as adult smokers, were assigned registration numbers by RJR, collected C-Notes, and held C-Notes as of October 1, 2006.”

Individuals who believe they are Class Members should visit the RJR Sateriale Settlement Website for more information and to redeem their C-Notes.

RJ Reynolds to End “Camel Cash” Dispute with $5M-Plus Deal.

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