We understand the business calculation underlying a decision to litigate.

Litigation can be a long, drawn-out costly endeavor.  Any decision as to whether to commence a litigation must evaluate not only the party’s legal position and the prospects of successful recovery, but also the costs and distraction of the litigation process.  Too often, companies and individuals find themselves daunted by the prospect of litigation and fail to pursue meritorious claims.  Similarly, parties are often compelled to settle actions where the costs of defense becomes too intimidating.

Alternative fee arrangements make sense for our clients.

Recognizing business realities, we craft alternative billing arrangements that best suit our clients’ needs.  We stand apart from other firms by our willingness to consider contingency arrangements for the types of matters that are typically engaged only on an hourly-fee basis.  In appropriate cases, we can combine partial hour rates with a lower contingency to meet our clients’ needs.

We create “win-win” billing arrangements with our clients.

When contingency fee arrangements are not appropriate we work with our clients to create a compensation arrangement that makes the most sense given their facts and particular needs.  Our size and cost-structure allows us to provide top-quality service at competitive rates.